Littlecote House

Littlecote: The English Civil War Armoury

Littlecote House Armoury in the Great Hall

Front cover illustration showing the Littlecote armoury in the Great Hall of Littlecote House – click to enlarge


By Thom Richardson and Graeme Rimer

The Littlecote House armoury is the most important surviving armoury of the English Civil Wars. This volume deals with the back­ground to the armoury and includes a full catalogue of its contents.

Many private armouries furnished with relics of the English Civil Wars existed in Britain, but one by one they were dispersed until the only major example left intact was the Popham armoury at Littlecote House near Hungerford on the borders of Berkshire and Wiltshire in England.

In the mid 1980s this too was under threat of dispersal at auction until the Royal Armouries raised the money needed to acquire it for the national collection.

This publication will form the catalogue raisonné of the Popham armoury and a major contribution to our understanding of 17th-century arms and armour in England.

Hardback, 400 pages, fully illustrated throughout.

ISBN: 978-0-948092-68-8
RRP: £40
Published: September 2012
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  • Adobe Flash® based interactive exploring the Popham Armoury and Littlecote House through paintings and objects from the Royal Armouries collection. Designed for Key Stage 3 study of the English Civil Wars. Designed for SmartBoard™.

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