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Great Helm


14th century Great Helm

Great Helm, iv.600

  • 14th century Great Helm

    Great Helm, iv.600

Date: 1370 | Object number: IV.600

Great Helm


An English helm of about 1370.

The great helm covered the whole head and neck. It was pierced with sights for vision and breaths for air.

Constructed from three plates of plain steel. The sight is formed by a gap between the skull and the side plate, the edges of which are turned out to form a glancing surface away from the eyes.

There are three holes arranged in a triangle at the nape of the neck for presumably the original strap that secured the helm was attached to the backplate.

The centre of the crown-plate has been roughly pierced, presumably for the
spike on which a funerary crest could be fixed when the helm became part of a
funerary achievement.

Height: 356 mm (14 in)
Depth: 306 mm (12.1 in)
Width: 226 mm (8.9 in)
Weight: 5lb 8oz (5 lb 8 oz)

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