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1. Research

The Royal Armouries encourages research into arms and armour and related subjects from all periods of history from antiquity to the present day.

2. Optical Microscopy

Optical Microscopy is technique which uses allows the Royal Armouries Science officer the opportunity to examine the metallurgy of an object.

3. Collection Staff

Collection staff at the Royal Armouries museum.

4. Suzanne J. Dalewicz-Kitto

Suzanne Dalewicz-Kitto is Conservation Manager at the Royal Armouries Museum based in Leeds.

5. Analytical Projects

Analytical projects that illustrate the range of uses, and benefits to be gained from the scientific procedures used in the conservation department at the Royal Armouries.

6. Philip Magrath

Philip Magrath is Curator of Artillery at the Royal Armouries Museum based at Fort Nelson.

7. Karen Watts

Karen Watts is Senior Curator of European Armour at the Royal Armouries Museum based in Leeds.

8. Peter Smithurst

Peter Smithurst is Curator Emeritus of Historical Firearms at the Royal Armouries Museum based in Leeds.

9. Bridget Clifford

Bridget Clifford is Keeper of Collections (south) at the Royal Armouries museum based at the Tower of London.

10. Christopher Smith

Chris Smith is a Senior Conservator at the Royal Armouries Museum based at the Tower of London.

11. National Firearms Centre

The NFC collection holds several thousand weapons and is arguably the most extensive and varied of its type in the world. The collection is available to be inspected by academics and researchers who have a need to study design and technical aspects.

12. Philip Lankester

Philip Lankester is Curator Emeritus of European Edged Weapons at the Royal Armouries Museum based in Leeds.

13. Malcolm Mercer

Malcolm Mercer is Curator of Tower History at the Royal Armouries Museum, based at the Tower of London.

14. Ian Bottomley

Ian Bottomley is Curator Emeritus of Oriental Collections at the Royal Armouries Museum based in Leeds.

15. Paul Wilcock

Reverend Dr Paul Wilcock is Head of the ‘Arms and Armour Research Institute at the University of Huddersfield.

16. Honorary Historical Consultants

A directory of the Honorary Historical Consultants who provide the Royal Armouries with specialist knowledge for a wide variety of subjects in support of its many activities.

17. Curators Emeritus

The position of Curator Emeritus is only open to former members of the Royal Armouries curatorial staff and the appointment of each is at the invitation of the Director General and Master of the Armouries.

18. Don Graves

Donald E. Graves is the author, co-author or editor of sixteen books on military and naval history subjects.

19. Kelly De Vries

Kelly De Vries is professor of history at Loyola University Maryland.

20. David Penn

David Penn is former Keeper of Exhibits & Firearms at the Imperial War Museum and is now a consultant.

21. John Waller

John Waller has spent a lifetime studying arms and armour and is a world authority on historic combat.

22. David Williams

Professor David Williams of Loughborough University is recognised internationally for his expertise in manufacturing technology.

23. Bill Harriman

Bill Harriman is a writer and broadcaster whose interest in firearms and other weapons stems from the time when he built kits of guns as a boy.

24. The Armor and Arms Club

The Armor and Arms Club is the oldest Medieval and Renaissance arms collectors’ club in the United States, founded in 1921 by Dr. Bashford Dean, founder and first Curator of the Department of Arms and Armor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

25. Jonathan Ferguson

Jonathan Ferguson is Curator of Firearms at the Royal Armouries museum based in Leeds.