Tower and Armouries History

The Royal Armouries has a long association with the Tower of London, its traditional home, dating back to its founding by Henry VIII. This section begins with a Royal Armouries, Tower of London related film showing in the small cinema.

The story of the Tower of London and the development of the Royal Armouries within it are told using graphic text panels containing reproductions of a series of 14 paintings, by artist Ivan Lapper, specially commissioned for the millennium Tower 2000 exhibition. These show the development of the Tower over the last 2000 years.

Artefacts which can be seen on display in the gallery include Tower related objects, some of which were damaged in the fire of 1841 such as a large fused block of locks, a wooden shield bearing the British Royal Arms, a floral trophy made of bayonets, a trophy snake and a trophy of an arm holding an axe some of which can be seen in the case shown on the left.

The gallery symbol takes the form of the south side of the White Tower building at the heart of the Tower of London and the colour scheme is rich red, which is a hue traditionally associated with royalty and the Royal Armouries.