A tableau of a scene from the gundeck of an English Tudor ship showing three men and a cannon.

Tudor Gallery

A tableau in this gallery depicts a scene on a gundeck of an English ship during one of the engagements that saw off the Great Spanish Armada invasion fleet in 1588. A film about the Armada accompanies this together with another film on arming a knight of the 16th Century ‘How a Man Shall Be Armyd’.

Objects on display include: a comprehensive selection of European armour of the period, including some highly decorated examples and ‘Maximilian’ style pieces; staff weapons; some important swords, including a German ‘Landsknecht’ sword; one of the famous gun shields from the arsenal of Henry VIII; plus a selection of important early wheellock firearms.

The symbols used in this gallery are: a rose which is a symbol of the Tudor royal family: and a deep green colour associated with King Henry VIII of England.