Battle of Towton tableau showing three men engaged in combat

Late Medieval Gallery

This gallery houses a cinema showing a film about the Battle of Agincourt, the story of Henry V and the victorious English bowmen during the Hundred Years war with France.

The centrepiece tableau depicts a scene from the Wars of the Roses, Battle of Towton, the largest and bloodiest battle fought on English soil, where English Archers fought each other in a blizzard on Palm Sunday, 1461. Two associated films are also shown Self defence in the Middle Ages and Bows.

Objects on display include a collection of important pieces of European plate armour of the 15th century, and fine examples of swords, daggers and staff weapons including the writhen-hilted sword.

The star symbol seen throughout the Medieval galleries is derived from the rowel of a medieval spur. The blue colour is influenced by the blue ceiling decorations of many European medieval churches.