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Key Stage 3 - Middle Ages: The Age of the Knight

The Age of the Knight

Learn about the weapons and armour used on medieval battlefields and the skills required to simply stay alive.

Through our interactive handling sessions, pupils will examine how weapons changed and evolved throughout the period and how this impacted on armour development. Learn how to try on armour and chart the move from chain to plate metal protection, plus experience sword-fighting techniques.

Pupils will also investigate images and look for evidence of armour and clothing worn during the medieval period, by taking part in a brass-rubbing activity.

Topic: Middle Ages
Audience: KS3
Numbers: 32 max per session
Duration: 45 mins x 2
Cost per pupil: £5

  • This gallery is about the arms and armour of the Middle Ages up to about 1400.

Did you know?

Guns and arrows

The first European picture of a firearm shows it shooting an arrow.