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Key Stage 3 - English Civil Wars: To kill a King

To kill a King

Experience the world of the English Civil Wars during Royal Armouries’ interactive, hands-on history sessions.

Pupils will discover the types of arms and armour used by Roundheads and Cavaliers as they battled against their own countrymen as well as the development of weapons which transformed warfare.

In the active Discover session, pupils will learn about life as musketeers and pikemen by participating in historically accurate drills from these turbulent times.

Topic: English Civil Wars
Audience: KS3
Numbers: 32 max per session
Duration: 45 mins x 2
Cost per pupil: £5

  • Adobe Flash® based interactive exploring the Popham Armoury and Littlecote House through paintings and objects from the Royal Armouries collection. Designed for Key Stage 3 study of the English Civil Wars. Designed for SmartBoard™.